Applied Mindfulness Retreat, Sicily

Beyond you…


Saturday 7th - 14th September 2019


what it’s all about

Beyond You is an immersive, mindfulness retreat where you can step out of your busy life and spend 7 days nurturing your soul. Spend a relaxing, rejuvenating week, in a beautiful Masseria, in the heart of the Sicilian countryside. Share delicious home cooked vegetarian food, made from local produce with like minded people in a welcoming, supportive, safe environment created by our highly experienced and friendly team.

Mindfulness helps us to cope with stressful situations by giving us the tools to choose how we behave, rather than reacting from a place of heightened emotion. You’ll take part in two focused mindfulness sessions each day which will teach you techniques and mindsets to change the way you see and experience the world, forever. In these sessions you will uncover some of the underlying causes of stress that relate more to your own habitual reactions to challenging situations than to any external conditions. This will leave you with a new sense of grounding and inner calm, and a higher resilience to deal with anything that life throws at you.

You’ll enjoy practicing yoga (traditional Hatha yoga fused with vinyasa flow, for all levels) and meditation daily (although these are both optional). There will also be plenty of free time for you to relax, take in your surroundings, swim or even explore the island.



What are your dreams? How do you want to feel every day?

What’s going on in your life right now?

What are you worried about? What’s making you anxious?

What would you like to change if you could?

do you ever…

Get stressed at people and blame them for how you feel?

Feel hurt by peoples behaviour?

Over think issues and ruminate about the past?

Feel overwhelmed or anxious?

Judge or criticise yourself?

Feel like life is dragging you along?

do you have…

High expectations of yourself?

Self limiting beliefs?

A fear of failure, or a fear of pursuing your goals?

Reasons why you think you can’t live out your passion?

Low energy and a general tiredness for life?


This way of living is exhausting!

We can help you to change the way that you think, behave and feel to have a calmer, stress free life.

To find a new way to approach your life with a new sense of ease.

To feel more joy and contentment and be able to choose how you respond in difficult situations.

Learn how to…

Let go of resentment and frustrations of the past

Stop going round and round past situations in your mind

Not get caught up in negative thought loops

Step back from your thoughts and not let them own you


The way that you approach life

Your relationship with your emotions

How you feel about other peoples behaviour

Your reaction to challenging situations



In a safe, non judgmental space, we will be exploring how to understand our minds and what really drives our thoughts. We’ll be learning how to give ourselves the space to respond in difficult situations instead of reacting. We’ll be peeling away the layers of our personalities to reveal our true selves and find out what we really want from life and how to get it.

We’ll learn valuable applied mindfulness techniques that will help in any challenging situation in your life. Whether it’s at home or at work. We’ll be sharing mindsets and tools that will give you different perspectives on issues that you might be struggling with at the moment.


what you’ll gain

A new sense of inner calm

A way to respond rather than react in difficult situations

An ease with how you go about your daily life

Stability and grounding

A new found joy of your environment and loved ones

Learn to

let go, love well and live fully…



8am Yoga, Hatha yoga fused with vinyasa flow, for all levels (optional)

9.30am Breakfast 

10.30am Mindfulness session

12pm Free time

1pm Lunch

2pm Free time

5pm Mindfulness session

8pm Dinner

9.30pm Relaxing meditation (optional)



The mindfulness session content is based on the successful teamup mindfulness coaching program from Asia. Since its launch 5 years ago, more than 1500 people from over 50 countries have benefited from the program with outstanding evaluations and testimonials. . 

The content is based on more than 35 years of mindfulness based coaching of senior leaders from all over the world. It draws from both eastern and western traditions, and is backed up by the very latest in neuroscience. It includes a wide collection of insights that has helped thousands of people become better in what matters to them. 

The yoga classes have been thoughtfully planned to compliment and enhance all the elements of the mindfulness sessions. They are designed to support your whole experience of mind, body and soul while at the retreat. 


10 techniques to deal with common communication challenges

Create the next level of awareness of self, others and your environment

Understand your own personality, its strengths and its limitations

Develop your emotional intelligence, and how to deal with strong emotions that limit you

Learn how to make decisions using your wisdom and intuition

Learn how to communicate more effectively and connect with others at a deeper level


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